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Year 5 Open morning tours will take place in June 2023 these provide both parents and students the opportunity to visit a ‘working’ school. During the morning you will be guided through the school by a member of our Leadership Group.https://t.co/wOEXn96iza— The Lenham School () April 19, 2023


Have you considered a non-teaching career at The Lenham School as a member of our Support Team - We have a number of vacancies recently created within our Support Staff, all term time positions.https://t.co/hhfiuWHBln— The Lenham School () January 17, 2023


pic.twitter.com/b6cdG2HSpj— The Lenham School () October 26, 2022


pic.twitter.com/iSVER8YoPI— The Lenham School () September 7, 2022


On Saturday, 9 July we opened our gates to welcome guests to the first ever VIAT Festival of Art, Literature and Music. A phenomenal display of talent, artistry and fun.For a full account of the day and more photos, visit the VIAT website:https://t.co/wZQfhbI1Sc#VIATFest pic.twitter.com/RH0p9cVy1c— The Lenham School () July 15, 2022


Highlighting the Music section of our upcoming Festival of Art, Literature and Music. Performances from orchestras, choirs, vocal groups and bands across Valley Invicta Academies Trust. Tickets: https://t.co/u2njMXChzj#VIATfest pic.twitter.com/DyCsp92tjA— The Lenham School () July 7, 2022


Highlighting the Literature section of our upcoming Festival of Art, Literature and Music.Performances, poetry, stories, recorded content from , talks by & more!Tickets: https://t.co/u2njMXChzj#VIATfest — The Lenham School () July 7, 2022


pic.twitter.com/bJcsyEt25q— The Lenham School () June 13, 2022


This is a great opportunity if you're considering a career in teaching! https://t.co/5nEdIbFmMi— VIAT () February 24, 2022


This is a great opportunity if you're considering a career in teaching! https://t.co/5nEdIbFmMi— VIAT () February 24, 2022


Dear Parent/Carer Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have reluctantly taken the decision to direct one year group to Virtual Learning, Monday 7 February. Year 9 students should not attend school for face-to-face teaching on Monday 7 February. Mr C ForemanHeadteacher— The Lenham School () February 6, 2022


Last week our students visited London to see an immersive production of Great Gatsby.Cast members came out to chat with our students after the show. Apparently, this rarely happens. A measure of how impressed the cast were by the engagement of our students in the immersive show. pic.twitter.com/WBGb19OY6v— The Lenham School () January 23, 2022


Happy New Year I hope that you had an enjoyable and relaxing break.I am delighted to confirm that all years will return to school on Tuesday 4 January, as planned. pic.twitter.com/JPtXy6tIqI— The Lenham School () January 3, 2022


Welcome Back - Term 2 We are looking forward to welcoming students back to school tomorrow, Monday 8 November. pic.twitter.com/SaFpzYkCJS— The Lenham School () November 7, 2021


The Lenham School hosted a visit from Mark Lowery, the award-winning Children's Book Author of Charlie and Me: 421 miles from home and Eating Chips with Monkey among many others. Mark delivered an inspiring reading and writing workshop with all the year 7s today. pic.twitter.com/oSOkYRei5H— The Lenham School () October 4, 2021


Keeping my fingers crossed in hope of fine weather on Wednesday. Students and staff are looking forward to our first Open Evening since 2019. pic.twitter.com/uCPM59Nk0j— The Lenham School () September 27, 2021


This week we were pleased to offer a warm welcome to our guest book author. Bali Rai writes stories inspired by his working class Punjabi/Sikh background, but his aim was always that his writing should be enjoyed by readers everywhere, irrespective of class or culture. pic.twitter.com/hIj4z0qI4y— The Lenham School () September 26, 2021


Thank you to everyone for making Summer School such a success. See you all in September. pic.twitter.com/S76sXokUN2— The Lenham School () August 13, 2021


With only one day of Summer School left we thought that we would share some enthusiastic student feed-back: pic.twitter.com/MU2HXOtvn8— The Lenham School () August 12, 2021


Day three of Summer School and students have settled into both academic and enrichment activities including inter-tutor group sports events at lunchtime.Working hard on a Mathematics problem, designing a cardboard chair and learning a foreign language: pic.twitter.com/DCXVEoooDO— The Lenham School () August 11, 2021


We are pleasedthat students are celebrating strong level 3 Vocational and IB Diploma results with 83% of students achieving the highly respected International Baccalaureate Career Related Pathway and 100% pass rates in both the IB Diplomas and the vocational qualifications. pic.twitter.com/taCvSsgaB5— The Lenham School () August 11, 2021


What a difference a day makes.... sunshine, warmth and increasingly confident students.I enjoyed watching the next generation of Master Chefs as they considered the importance of breakfast... pic.twitter.com/xGyoTg3ylU— The Lenham School () August 10, 2021


Even the rain today provided a photo opportunity for Summer School! Well done Aliesha and Max. pic.twitter.com/VMARMrzcld— The Lenham School () August 9, 2021