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Welcome Back - Term 2 We are looking forward to welcoming students back to school tomorrow, Monday 8 November. https://t.co/SaFpzYkCJS


The Lenham School hosted a visit from Mark Lowery, the award-winning Children's Book Author of Charlie and Me: 421 miles from home and Eating Chips with Monkey among many others. Mark delivered an inspiring reading and writing workshop with all the year 7s today. https://t.co/oSOkYRei5H


Keeping my fingers crossed in hope of fine weather on Wednesday. Students and staff are looking forward to our first Open Evening since 2019. https://t.co/uCPM59Nk0j


This week we were pleased to offer a warm welcome to our guest book author. Bali Rai writes stories inspired by his working class Punjabi/Sikh background, but his aim was always that his writing should be enjoyed by readers everywhere, irrespective of class or culture. https://t.co/hIj4z0qI4y


Thank you to everyone for making Summer School such a success. See you all in September. https://t.co/S76sXokUN2


With only one day of Summer School left we thought that we would share some enthusiastic student feed-back: https://t.co/MU2HXOtvn8


Day three of Summer School and students have settled into both academic and enrichment activities including inter-tutor group sports events at lunchtime. Working hard on a Mathematics problem, designing a cardboard chair and learning a foreign language: https://t.co/DCXVEoooDO


We are pleasedthat students are celebrating strong level 3 Vocational and IB Diploma results with 83% of students achieving the highly respected International Baccalaureate Career Related Pathway and 100% pass rates in both the IB Diplomas and the vocational qualifications. https://t.co/taCvSsgaB5


What a difference a day makes.... sunshine, warmth and increasingly confident students. I enjoyed watching the next generation of Master Chefs as they considered the importance of breakfast... https://t.co/xGyoTg3ylU


Even the rain today provided a photo opportunity for Summer School! Well done Aliesha and Max. https://t.co/VMARMrzcld


Despite arriving in torrential rain we had a superb first day at Summer School. Here are some of my favourite pieces of work from the Art session this afternoon. Students used their iPads to create images from a journey: https://t.co/AwEdLV0dEM


If you have already been issued with your iPad, Summer School is a fantastic opportunity to start exploring how it can support your learning. Please remember to bring it fully charged! https://t.co/ekLfHSVgUb


Summer School for our new year 7 students starts on Monday 9 August. I am looking forward to meeting everyone next week. https://t.co/WwG4x4wgUp


A fantastic last day of term shared with staff and students. A celebration of reaching the end of a challenging year. A celebration of the talents and successes of our students. Thank you for your support this year. Have a safe and relaxing summer and see you in September. https://t.co/fFNuGSHVQ5


Congratulations to our first Digital Leaders at The Lenham School. Thank you for leading a fascinating training session with our teachers to showcase your Digital Portfolios. https://t.co/3HJiIOCt7o


Year 11 had a fantastic day at Thorpe Park on Friday. Thank you to our staff who were brave enough to accompany our students on all of the rides... https://t.co/kR3BqwdQsC


Thank you Year 11 and Year 13 for your hard work and determination. An emotional farewell after such extraordinary times. https://t.co/HO1nAwfM2K


A welcome break from studies as we prepared for the Year 11 school photograph. I continue to be impressed by their positive attitude and determination to succeed. We did all manage to look the same direction and hold the pose....eventually. https://t.co/53hf9vz6a2


Would you, or someone you know, like to train to teach?Come to one of our allocated sessions on Wednesday 30 June 2021, at the School of Science & Technology Maidstone, to find out about the courses that we offer through the Trust. More information here: https://t.co/6XbM0ydFqz


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Would you, or someone you know, like to train to teach?Come to one of our allocated sessions on Wednesday 30 June 2021, at the School of Science & Technology Maidstone, to find out about the courses that we offer through the Trust. More information here: https://t.co/Duw2yziCvx https://t.co/oPoVPZtOIi


I would like to thank the 'Testing Team' for their superb work over the past two weeks. They in turn would like to thank our students for the positive way they conducted themselves during the testing process. https://t.co/5ObtpzKLps


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Our new virtual choir project is in aid of Comic Relief, and is a cover of the ELO classic, "Mr Blue Sky" https://t.co/uTbok4fZIk - so like, share, and donate! https://t.co/KBsWJGlwN5 https://t.co/GN30yZUqoo


Just look at our Year 9 Catering student Lee's amazing pastry work! What a talent - and a possible future contestant for perhaps? https://t.co/MguXNxC0tI


Thank you to students, parents and staff for making this such a positive day in Virtual School. https://t.co/Cm75dszqO8


I would like to thank students, parents and teachers for their support. I feel very proud of our achievements in keeping students and staff safe whilst delivering quality teaching and learning. I wish everyone a safe and healthy Christmas and the very best for 2021. https://t.co/JwuONXEO7p


Everyday I am privileged to see creativity and enthusiasm from our students. This piece of work was completed at home and yesterday was presented in an English lesson: 1950s Middle Class House, Blood Brothers. James, Year 8. https://t.co/zYzVHhTTPm


What a fantastic response from our students today. They are enjoying their Virtual School day and the flexibility to work on many different subjects and tasks: https://t.co/aHHTzlhpLp


On the subject of achievement, we held our annual awards ceremonies this week. A digital souvenir of these events will soon be available for students and parents/carers: https://t.co/ZVzHQgq0pD


We have now completed our third week of Term 2 with the majority of students enjoying uninterupted learning. We know that the remaining weeks until Christmas will continue to be challenging but I am very proud of what our students and staff have so far achieved.


We would like to thank everyone for their continued support. Another very productive week almost navigated. I have been speaking with many students and they really appreciate being able to come to school and engage with their learning. Have a wonderful and safe week-end.


You will receive a progress report for your child later today. Please take time to view our supporting video designed to fully explain our new assessment and reporting strategy. https://t.co/TwJyoEpa4d


When we returned from Lockdown 1.0 we worked with each student to complete a Personal Learning Plan (PLP). This was designed to catch-up any lost learning identified in the end of year assessments. They have completed their PLPs and were presented with completion certificates. https://t.co/hZj98pGoV0


What a pleasure it has been to see our students again. Thank you for ensuring that your child attends school with a face mask. Remember to keep the mask clean or renew it if disposable. Please remind students that they must wear the mask when they are not in a classroom.


Tomorrow is such an important day for staff and students at The Lenham School with the start of our academic year. Year 7 students will join us on Thursday and Friday Year 12 students will join us on Friday. All students will be in school, full-time from Monday 7 September. https://t.co/uBYTJc825H


Considering Sixth Form? We are delighted to be offering places at The Lenham School for September 2020. Visit our website or contact us directly Apply.viat.org.uk https://t.co/pPPbsRy4jQ


Students at The Lenham School were celebrating an excellent set of results with 64% of students gaining a pass in both English and Mathematics a 10 point increase on the comparable figure from last year in a continuing four year rising trend. https://t.co/iUIuAoGqw8


Students are celebrating a strong set of level 3 Vocational and A-level results, 91% pass rate at Distinction*- Pass in the Vocational subjects, 100% pass rate in A-Level qualifications. Fantastic A-Level English Literature results as 66% achieved a grade A* - B. https://t.co/7BYDGl9h9V


Every year students perform a showcase to celebrate their work in Performing Arts. This year is no exception. Through their determination to perform they found a way to create the 2020 Summer Showcase... https://t.co/0ArbPfkXkj


Today we were delighted to welcome Year 9 students back to The Lenham School. Thank you to parents and students for respecting the social distancing measures that we have in place. We had a very productive day with students enjoying their return to the classroom. https://t.co/8pOeEklufs

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Welcome to The Lenham School. Securing the right secondary school is one of the most important decisions you as a parent will make. Lenham is a school that is determined to deliver outstanding progress and outcomes for students.
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